Pianeta Legno Floors offers the World's finest European made engineered and pre-finished exotic hardwood flooring for those seeking warmth of real wood and stability of multi-layer engineered structure. Pre-finished with multiple coats of UV cured Sweden made Bona polyurethane or Italian made UV cured Oil finishes. Pianeta Legno Floors is the oldest and one of the biggest importer of European/Italian made wood floors in the United States since 1998.

Pianeta Legno Floors carries not only possibly the widest selection of exotic wood species of almost 300 different flooring products, but also regularly keeps most of them in valuable quantities in stock readily available for immediate delivery.


Technical Info

Each piece is pre-finished with UV cured polyurethane varnish or oil. Materials contain no substances that will evaporate, and all products are safe. Our products’ stability and tolerance to changes in relative humidity make them suitable in places that are recommended for solid hardwood flooring; such as basements, kitchens, power rooms, and utility rooms. The only requirement is a standard room temperature [68-76 F / 18 22 C and relative humidity of 40-60%]. Pianeta Legno Floors can be even installed above radiant-heated floors.

Engineered hardwood floors are more stable and durable with the extra advantage of being easily installed. It can be glued, stapled or nailed to any subfloor; concrete, tile, or even over existing hardwood floors. Thick solid top layer (up to 1 /4” -6.3mm) allows sanding and re-finishing to be done up to five times. Multiple layers and the unique engineering process guarantees lifetime stability and shape retention.

There is much less time involved in installation of Pianeta Legno hardwood flooring. Factory finish eliminates the need for sanding and finishing after the installation. Engineered hardwood floors are hygienic, long-lasting, and easy to clean and maintain. You can dust mop, vacuum, and wipe with a damp mop or cloth as needed. Use floor cleaners with no residue or abrasives. You don’t need to polish, wax or buff.

If you need further information about our products, please call us or just come and visit us at one of our spectacular showrooms. We will be more than happy to assist you!

1 – Top Layer: We only use carefully selected premium quality solid wood for this layer. The sufficient thickness of the layer (up to 1 /4” -6.3mm) allows re-sanding to be done up to 5 times as needed. Unless stated otherwise, our products are micro-beveled edge. The finish on our products consists of multi coats of Ultraviolet cured, “6% or less glossy” Polyurethane or it may be an oiled finish. Pianeta Legno Engineered Hardwood Flooring is not prone to damages like dents and scratches under normal wear and tear.

2 – Bottom Layer: Pianeta Legno uses the best man-made plantation wood for the core. Multiple layers of wood (5 to 11 layers, depending on the width of the wood species) are assembled in a cross-grained structure for superior dimensional stability. To assemble these multiple layers, we use a special adhesive that is moisture resistant. Therefore, all of our products counteract the natural tendency of wood, which contracts and expands during fluctuations in humidity and temperature. The bottom layer is the back of the flooring that will be directly glued down to the floor. Pianeta Legno Hardwood Flooring can be installed to almost any subfloor, including concrete, glass, tile, linoleum, or even existing hardwood floors. We always recommended using our state of the art Italian made elastic single or two components “Hypoallergenic” glues.


This selection is the clearest wood of all. Sapwood is very rare but it is within the allowable minimum amount. (US origin products and/or 10″+ widths) Minimal fissures can be seen within the ends. There are color variations due to the natural wood pattern and most uniform colors. Wood knots are not frequent and they are within the allowable limit, up to ½” diameter.


This type of oak selection meets the highest standards, but not as much as the Select Grade. The number and sizes of the knots can be higher, there may be some fillers and knots that can be up to 1” diameter. Minimum amount of the sapwood is allowed. Natural, rare, minimum fissures can be seen within the ends. Different patterns have different shades of wood, which makes the floor look natural and alive.


Character Grade selection has a bright wood pattern with natural knots up to 2”+ diameter. Also known as Rustic Grade, it is the most traditional & natural look of all selections, with knots, more color variations, sapwoods and fillers, which gives the liveliest look of our hardwoods.





– About Reactive Stains –

Here at PL Floors, we now provide the revolutionary reactive stain hardwood flooring in our new collection. These exquisite, prefinished engineered wood flooring are new to the USA & they feature an advanced coloration technique, which opens a new era in the wood flooring industry. Designers quickly learn below, the features and benefits of these reactive stain floors provide immediately, life-long value to homeowners, reactive stains are pigment-free, water-based solutions that, when applied to hardwood, rapidly changes the natural elements found in wood to create a specific color range.

In Europe (mostly in Italy & France) in order to get the aged, antique feeling for the wood-planks, hardwood-finishers would often create their own, home-made reactive stains by dissolving steel wool in vinegar, ammonia (sometimes even horse urine) and salt acids.

Within this new reactive stain “know-how technology”, this process has become an even more eco-friendly process. Lately, reactive stain products are becoming greener, safer and more reliable finishes than traditional stains. Tannin is a compound, found in oaks and many other wood species. Due to a wide range of environmental factors/regions, these tannins change the color of the woods and same wood species from different regions and altitudes may even give different results.

Not so long ago, in order to achieve that “aged/antique look” in wood-floorings, a finisher had to wait for, well… ages! However, with the recent technological advancements within wood floor manufacturing, experts now have found a way to produce a completely safe and equally efficient method to fasten this aging process by highlighting and enhancing the natural characters to show the beauty of the natural wood.

To produce a reactive stain floor, a special, environmental-friendly solution is washed on each plank by 100% Italian made reactive stain machinery/equipment. During this application process, the woods rapidly undergo a significant oxidative reaction between the liquefied minerals in the reactive stain and the natural tannins found in the wood. In order to penetrate the wood and bring each plank to life, this innovative coloring process is repeated couple of times.

Our reactive stain products offer unique aesthetics, which the grain patterns display a reflective, stunning effect from any angle or standpoint Each plank will look stunningly rich, but still hold onto the natural characteristics of the wood.