Pianeta Legno Floors offers the World's finest European made engineered and pre-finished exotic hardwood flooring for those seeking the warmth of real wood and stability of multi-layer engineered structure. We are the only American brand which uses Italian machinery and finishing line, and the only place you can get all-Italian wood flooring products.

Pre-finished with multiple coats of UV cured Sweden made Bona polyurethane or Italian made UV cured Oil finishes. We are the oldest and one of the biggest importer of European/Italian made wood floors in the United States since 1998. Comes with experience, we do offer these premium quality products at factory prices!

We carry the widest selection of exotic wood species of almost 300 different flooring products at unique width and lengths. Our state of the art warehouse allows us to keep them in stock in valuable quantities, making our products readily available for immediate delivery.


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Wood Species / Botanical Name: Doussie Africa (Afzelia Africana)

Common Names: Grapia, Amarealao, Garapeira, Garrote, Gema-de-ovo, Maratoa, Muiratua, Muirajuba.

Height & Weight: Well-formed tree to a height of 50 ft. and diameters to 3 ft.

Origin: West, Central and East Africa. Occur in the dense evergreen forests but also common in the savanna and coastal forests of East Africa

Oxidation: Medium – Vibrant golden yellow when fresh and light yellowish brown as ages

Hardness & Durability: The grain is irregular and interlocked, with a medium texture. Garapa is moderately durable to termites and fungus. Slightly harder than Hard Maple and %20 harder than White Oak

Janka Hardness Test Score: 1810

Color & Grain: Heartwood is salmon red to orange-brown and becomes russet or reddish brown. Frequently interlocked or little wavy; Honey-yellow with a slight ribbon aspect, it becomes light brown with age. The grain is irregular and interlocked, with a medium texture

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